John F. Kennedy in Berlin

This June, Berlin celebrates the 50th anniversary of John F.Kennedy’s visit and expressed solidarity with Berlin. The city offers its appreciation with a special aniversary program.

West Berlin loved it, when on the 26t of June 1963, John F. Kennedy came to Berlin for its 15th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift and expressed his solidarity with the western part of the city . He was indeed the first American presdient to make a visit after the establishment of the Berlin Wall in 1961.

During his visit there was some criticism and tension on both German and US part. The Federal Republic held the conviction that the Americans didn’t put enough efforts to halt the cosntruction of the wall.

The tensions was broke up by the famous Kennedy’s speech ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’. Later, the speech got mocked and criticized because of a linguistic mistake which made the famous phrase ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ translate to ‘I am a jelly donut’. Nowadays, we have researchers and scientist tell us it was Kennedy’s translators mistake. The speech is still controversial, but by delivering it, Kennedy left no doubt about his sincere intentions to support West Berlin and its military. Hundred of thousand of Germans applauded and enthusiastically cheered his speech.

This year’s anniversay celebration will include many citywide 

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