International interest towards Berlin’s culture, art and entertainment is currently on the rise. More and more foreigners visit Berlin each month. Only for a year, the percentage of the international visitors have increased up to 14.6 percent.

Although the spring weather is far from ideal, the Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit has estimated that the tourist influx only for the Easter weekend will be over two million visitors.

The mayor also promises that the upcoming spring and summer conditions will offer perfect entertainment opportunities for both domestic and international visitors.

Only for the month of January the tourist increase is estimated to be 5.7 percent higher than the visitors from last year. However, Berlin expect its peak visiting months to be from May till September.

This bright prediction has a light shadow casted over it by the newly proposed ban of night flights from the old Schönefeld airport. That means that all night flights from Schönefeld will be diverted to Tegel airport. The ban is suggested to be effective from the 1st of November this year.

As of yet, the ban has been opposed by the Secretary General of the Association of the German Tourism Industry, who warns that the this  might have a significant impact on the short term visitors in Berlin.

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