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  • Hello, My name is Andreas and I´m 27 years old I´ve been living in Amsterdam for the last 5 years. Relatively short but it feels like I never lived anywhere else. I really felt in love with this city! The nightlife the terraces and parks make this city the most beautiful I know. I travelled a lot in my life. Every year I go to a different city somewhere in the world and therefore I thought it was a great idea to start this website. When I go to a city abroad I want to know where all the best restaurants, bars, clubs and so on are. And what is better to know it from then a local. When I´m in my own city I love to go clubbing in the Trouw, studio 80 or one of the many festivals in summer. On a Friday I usually drink a beer in a bar somewhere in the city, it’s my intention to visit as many as I can for a good image on what’s good. Further on I think it’s fun to chill in a coffeeshop on a Sunday, so then I visit the best coffeeshops in town to see what they have to offer and to chill of course. When you’re in Amsterdam I hope that you have a blast and try to live like an local!

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