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  • Hello Dear True Berlin Reader! I’m Heather, a freelance photographer and writer exploring this vibrant city. There’s so much to do and see in Berlin that it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed, that’s where I come in…guiding you through the city like a good friend. Pointing out the places you would frequent as a resident - not a tourist; art openings, events, restaurants, bars, usw.

Mixtape Menage!!!">

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Bye Bye Mitte…Party

The last 15 years the Postfuhramt was not just a space for arts and culture, but also for events and […]

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Stick Core Exhibition pt.3

Stickers, stickers, stickers. The exhibition Stick Core will show stickers by artists from all over the world. Discover this medium […]

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BOX 32 & DIGITAL CANVAS COLLECTIVE presents: ART EXHIBITION DC2 Vernissage: 30.03.2013 / 19h Date: 30.03.2013 – 30.04.2013 An exhibition of […]

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Puresque is a project founded in 2010 by the charismatic mixing wizzard Mocca and techno icon Paul Brtschitsch. Their first […]

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Dear Johnie Presents: THE KIDS OF SUMMER

German born and Internationally bred Artists’ coincidentally shared the last Berlin Summer together. Enjoying good times, painting missions, bbq’d floor […]

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The Fish Bowl Episode #20

The Fish Bowl, fresh comedy fortnightly at Naherholung Sternchen.  If you haven’t been you’re missing out and if you have […]

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The Meaning of Mr. Watson

The Meaning of Mr. Watson is the new short film from writer/director Robert Grant, starring Denis Lyons (Absolution/Head to Love) […]

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VOODOO MARKET N°10 – This is not your ordinary market. This is VOODOO! The finest selection of designers, artists and creative […]

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