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Julia Duboski

  • Berlin should be my second name- i like my name too much, however,Berlin is the love of my life. If I leave it than only to have a love affair with another place, but I'll come back. From rock n roll dives to posh champagne bars , open airs, flea markets, bookstores, concept stores, caffes etc- i ve been (almost) everywhere. It's an electric city powered by thousands of different, creative people and it offers infinite cultural possibilities. If u won't fall in love in Berlin like i did, don't miss your chance for a fling at least..

Mein Haus Am See"> A full time lover. It’s a cafe/bar/club (or ”something sexier in between”) in Brunnenstrasse,directly at Rosenthaler Platz that goes […]

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DOTS, LINES and ME- Berlin Exhibition Opening

A must for art lovers- polish art has been reborn and becomes worldwide recognizable again. Come and learn about art […]

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Cafe Aunt Benny

Kiez Cafe- for the neighbors and Friedrichshainers (people who live in Friedrichshain-Berlins district).  Placed near to the popular Boxhagener Platz […]

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Nordic by Nature ✛ Kaltblut Magazine present concert of Frida Hyvönen

Sign up for free guestlist under The guestlist counts until 21.00/ 9pm when the concert starts. Swedish solo artist […]

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Bar Luzia

I could only compare it to NEUE ODESSA BAR  in Mitte, but luzia is in Kreuzberg, so you’re not expecting […]

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Neue Odessa Bar

If you’re looking for elegance, original drinks and berliner hype, better stand up  now and GET ON YOUR WAY. The […]

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Restaurant and Kitchen Supply Coledampf’s

  Kreuzberg is not just a hipster,  underground party district, there are also chic and neat places. Coledampf amazes you […]

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Free Space at the river -Freiefläche

The simplest, cheapest and most beautiful place in Berlin. It’s not a bar, nor a restaurant. It’s just a free […]

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Cafe Bar Bierhimmel

Beer heaven- that’s the german name of this pleasant place in Kreuzberg’s Oranienstrasse. However,  first of all i’d call it […]

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