BERLIN WILD LIFE – Exhibition /Photography

Date: 19.06.2013 – 20:00
Time: start: 8 pm till dawn
Location: Mein Haus Am See
Adress: Brunnenstraße 197-198
10119 Berlin / Mitte
„Take time for your own hektik“,( rush )
preaches the latest call up of the three photoartists of
Now the time has come again and previously
undisclosed photoart objects scream for some amazing
audience. But also, in according to someone´s taste,
it could be an explosive mix between rejection and
At the exhibition you´ll see a representative cross
section of their photo art with a lot of inked skin, human
deformations, Body-jewellery and provocative nudity.
A band and various DJ´s will tease you acoustically.
And of course the three photoartists Kai Prillwitz,
Marcel Jahn and Sebastian Kulka will be there to
host, to get in touch, to talk about new projekts and to
entertain and spread some love. So please come by with
good vibes so the venue can get packed with a lot of
interesting and beautiful people.
Drinks of course will be offered and if you feel
impressed by the Hektikproduction`s photoart, you can
register yourself in their Model account and join their
upcoming projects as a Model…
„We don´t care, neither about your profession, nor
where are you from! Feel free to join us in our crazy
world with your own personal backround!
To all you Fashionistas, Models, Tattoed people,
Artists, Agencyrunners, Performers, Press people, Bank
Accountists, It-Girls or Boys, Drag Queens, or just you,
enjoying your life, come by and ….CHEERS, you are
very welcome to our exhibition!!!“, the three dudes
claim excited, but with a grinning smile…

19.06.2013 – 20:00
Mein Haus Am See
Brunnenstraße 197-198
10119 Berlin / Mitte


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