Tim Whelan

Tim Whelan Master of Ceremonies. Photograph: Heather Schmaedeke

Every Sunday evening at Lugari, Chris Glen and Tim Whelan present Buzz Club for your entertainment.  Stop by and unwind after a long week and even longer weekend.  Every Sunday promises a different line-up, so there’s none of the “same old song and dance” week after week.  In fact, the line-up can be so spontaneous as to include a “walk on performance.”

Chris Glen

Chris Glen Master of Ceremonies. Photograph: Heather Schmaedeke

Regulars are lured back on weekly basis with rotating line-up and the promise of the ever changing group poem. At the beginning of each night, Tim passes around a piece of paper so that each member of the audience can contribute a line of text.  It’s akin to a written version of the exquisite corpse, in that no one knows what the previous person wrote and at the end of the night, the poem is read and hilarity ensues.


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Tickets can be purchased at the door.

Fees : €4