Celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity of Berlin at the epic Karneval der Kulturen.

A feast of music, dance, art, food and general partying this festival takes over central Kreuzberg for four days. The central area is filled with organised stalls, stages and bars where you can eat, drink, buy and dance in a colourful festival atmosphere. But the party doesn’t stop there, on the day of the parade (19.05.13) the streets for seemingly miles around are scattered with stalls and people, bars and shops open up on to the street serving cocktails, food or playing music.

The street parade starts at Hermannplatz (U8, U7) and continues past Gneisenaustrasse, Mehringdamm and Hallesches Tor. The street festival takes place between Mehringdamm(U6, U7) and Hallesches Tor (U1, U6)

Not to be missed.


Hello, I’m Eleanor, I’m 23 and I want to share my Berlin with you! I come from London, studied in Edinburgh and now live in Schöneberg in West Berlin. I fell in love with the city whilst visiting a friend a few years ago and that love has only grown since I moved here last January. I work part time in a Kindergarten and for a film company and I spend all the hours in between exploring the nooks and crannies of this wondrous city. Candlelit cafes with impossibly comfy armchairs and old French jazz, cavernous wine bars, bustling restaurants that spill out onto the street and into the night, every corner holds a new place and a new adventure!



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