The Lesbian and Gay City Festival is an anual celebration of equal rights and sexual freedom. The festival traditionally starts form Nollendorfplatz.

Since 1992 the Regenbogenfonds e.V. organizes Europe’s largest queer festival in the area bounded by Motzstrasse, Eisenacher Strasse, Fuggerstrasse and Kalckreuthstrasse. With more than 450,000 guests expected the 20,000 square metres around Nollendorfplatz will become one of Berlin’s favourite party quarters for the weekend.

Besides the information stalls and booths there will be many food and drink stalls and of course tons of live music, dance and entertainment.

The festival’s organizers are also providing a variety of exhibits, art and information by a wide range of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups. There will be plenty of talks and information on topics such as sports, radio, travel, film, AIDS and politics.

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