It’s the launch of a brand new night in Berlin, which promises to bring an eclectic mixture of house from midnight until we feel it’s time to stop!

Line Up :

Jochen Voller
James Cahill
Ben Bk

* Since it’s the first night we are not charging any entry fee, simply leave your name on this event page and you will be on the guestlist! *

Jochen Voller :

The young, Berlin based house DJ Jochen Voller (aka the Best Techno DJ in the World) was born in a time of big changes in the 16th century in southwest Japan as the son of the first black Heavyweight Champion and the first female asian Nuclearscientist who was also blind and mentaly challanged. He spent big parts of his youth timetraveling with his good friends Oliver Kahn, Kobe Bryant and Gerhardt Schröder until he invented Techno back in the days in the 1930’s. Coke was still legal and not only pilots took speed to stay awake and concentrated. Considering that, Jochen Voller started focusing on creating a musicstyle which symbioticly works with speed and coke. The result was his first Techno release in july 1933, which is still one of the standards when it comes to producing skills and creativity.
Also Jochen Voller invented scratching in 1941, long time before Grandmaster Flash was even born.
His Sets match a range from Kong-Fu House to Crazy-Spaceship-Robot-Future Music. A Jochen Voller set always tells a story, it always takes the audience on a journey and it in deed is in every single case the best set in the world.

Hope to see all the familiar faces there, along with some new ones too!!

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