Bianca Werner was born in 1987 in Halle (Saale) where she also first got introduced to analogue photography while getting her professional qualification as a graphic designer. Bianca moved to Berlin in 2008 and started using solely disposable cameras in the beginning of 2012 after reading an interview with photographer Tasya van Ree, who said:
“A disposable camera—you have to respect composition and spontaneity first—then you can move on to the more expensive stuff.”

The most important part of Bianca Werners work is: Spontaneity. “All the Pictures I take can’t be staged like that again, I only get One Shot. Imperfect, ridiculous or even disgusting – I don’t care – as long as you can find beauty in this particular moment.”

‘One Shot to be Honest’ is an encore exhibition of Bianca Werners works. All of her ‘One Shot Series’, are taken exclusively with disposable cameras and focus on the different issues in her everyday life.

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