Open Air Gallery is a mile long art exhibition on the Oberbaumbrücke, where hundreds of artists feature their paintings, sculptures and photographs. It happens in the summer time, at the beginning of June and July to be specific, for two non consecutive  days. The idea is to bring people together under the sun, under the idea of common art and shared ideas. You will be able to see a strong contemporary art focus on the long, colorful canvas stretched over the bridge.

The really cool thing about the Open AIr Gallery is that it gives a chance to both professional and young artists to participate and to exhibit their work. It also gives a chance to the visitors to get involved in the canvas that lies on the bridge’s ground and to draw whatever they want. So you don’t really need to be an artist of any sort to be able to put your imprint. And of course the  Oberbaumbrücke bridge stays closed for the event days.

Open Air Gallery is organized by the help of volunteers and the  District  Kreuzberg Committee e.V and it has been running since 2002. The applications for participations need to be send to the Kreuzberg Committee.

Open Air Gallery is free of charge.It is also very close to the colorful neighborhood of Friedrichshain, where you can enjoy plenty of food spots, bars, coffee shops and shopping streets.

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