Order your theater just the way you like it, perhaps you fancya bit of dialogue for starters followed by heavy monologue for mains and some light comedy for dessert? At Theater am Tisch you order your theater and it is delivered to your table by a team of spontaneous and brilliant actors. Ingenious concept.

Set in Soupanova, a cool bar offering good and cheap food and drinks, with a lively and unique atmosphere.

No booking required.

Hello, I’m Eleanor, I’m 23 and I want to share my Berlin with you! I come from London, studied in Edinburgh and now live in Schöneberg in West Berlin. I fell in love with the city whilst visiting a friend a few years ago and that love has only grown since I moved here last January. I work part time in a Kindergarten and for a film company and I spend all the hours in between exploring the nooks and crannies of this wondrous city. Candlelit cafes with impossibly comfy armchairs and old French jazz, cavernous wine bars, bustling restaurants that spill out onto the street and into the night, every corner holds a new place and a new adventure!



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