This pleasant dive attracted my attention immediately when i moved to Berlin.  It was the first bar I went to as ‘Berliner”, and I became a constant part of the interior since than, like few others- there are not much bars  in Berlin where you can meet the same people regularly, and actually, at 8mm it’s a nice feeling.

The 8mm Bar is a mix of rock n roll, intellectualism and snobbism. The music is always good (live DJ acts, sometimes concerts) and there are movies  screened on the wall (permanently). Prices are just perfect (beer 2,50 – 3,50, wine 3,50 euro) as well as the taste of their season cocktails (ca. 5 euro), like for instance, whiskey smoothie which makes you feel like in paradise (unfortunately only in summer) or prosecco with something magic inside, which I can’t  specify exactly,  maybe because even if you’re a smoker, you get also drunk from the smoke, which function as a natural air conditioner there,  so you don’t really know what you’re drinking after you sit there for a while. The only sad thing is, that most of the time its not a dance bar (it gets crowded first around midnight and rather only weekends it gets  frantic), although of course it happens that there is dada dancing  and everbody’s even happier …

Dancing or not you can still stay there the whole night till you don’t know anything more and you wake up next to a singer of a local  band  the day after ,wearing only the devil’s stocking.

Julia Duboski
Berlin should be my second name- i like my name too much, however,Berlin is the love of my life. If I leave it than only to have a love affair with another place, but I'll come back. From rock n roll dives to posh champagne bars , open airs, flea markets, bookstores, concept stores, caffes etc- i ve been (almost) everywhere. It's an electric city powered by thousands of different, creative people and it offers infinite cultural possibilities. If u won't fall in love in Berlin like i did, don't miss your chance for a fling at least..