This is one of the first bars I fell in love with in Berlin and for good reason. It offers good quality hot and cold drinks (I recommend Chai Latte if you’re going for hot and Hefeweizen if you fancy something cold),  friendly service and a brilliant atmosphere. The seating is comfortable and inviting, offering big tables  surrounded by cosy sofas, small tables and stepped seating with cushions. Whether you come with a group, as a couple or alone you are sure to find somewhere perfect to chill for a few hours (or more). During the day the place is filled with friends catching up over a latte and cake, artsy freelancers discussing their next projects and individuals here to read or work on their blog. In the evening it gets a bit more lively, the lights are dimmed and people are drinking wine instead of Heisse Zitrone. The tempo still stays chilled though and it’s definitely a bar where you can have proper conversations all night rather than having to shout to try and understand eachother.

Not far from Mauerpark and the Vintage shops of Prenzlauer Berg this bar/cafe is a perfect place to rest your feet, refresh yourself and generally rewind. Or go later  for a relaxed and engaged drink with friends or new aquaintences in a cool and buzzing atmosphere.

They also offer a brunch buffet and a small but delicious menu throughout the day.

If you’re a smoker (or with one) there is a very nice smoking room which somehow manages to remain relatively .

Hello, I’m Eleanor, I’m 23 and I want to share my Berlin with you! I come from London, studied in Edinburgh and now live in Schöneberg in West Berlin. I fell in love with the city whilst visiting a friend a few years ago and that love has only grown since I moved here last January. I work part time in a Kindergarten and for a film company and I spend all the hours in between exploring the nooks and crannies of this wondrous city. Candlelit cafes with impossibly comfy armchairs and old French jazz, cavernous wine bars, bustling restaurants that spill out onto the street and into the night, every corner holds a new place and a new adventure!