Heaven for art lovers! Placed in a wonderfull Paris look-a- like like Savignyplatz, Bücherbogen is a slice of both Paris and Berlin. This art bookstore is actually settled directly beneath the overground railway.
It’s huge and very impressive, exhibits its own best self with thousands of books which it gathers. There are sections as film, music, art, dance, graphic design, fashion, architecture, photography, theatre, costumes, secondhand books,  you can also find English psychological books and other little treasures. You can find actually everything here. If you’re really crazy about one of the subjects I meant above, you can completely lose your head and you just go from one bookshelf to another, getting dizzy from all the wonder that just happens to you. After 2 hours you’re so euphoric you want to have everything but normally you can only get a few albums. ..
They also have lots of art history and also catalogues of art exhibitions from 1945. The place was found in 1980 so it’s also a chance to touch some of the history yourself..
It’s a very modern, elagant shop and because of its space, it gives you the opportunity to ask yourself: what do i really need? And you should answer this question, because otherwise i’m telling you, you can get bit confused with the choice that’s supposed to be made (it’s very hard).

There is also  a quite substantial pile of all  international fashion, design, architecture, film and art magazines..

Get crazy in a bookstore!!

Julia Duboski
Berlin should be my second name- i like my name too much, however,Berlin is the love of my life. If I leave it than only to have a love affair with another place, but I'll come back. From rock n roll dives to posh champagne bars , open airs, flea markets, bookstores, concept stores, caffes etc- i ve been (almost) everywhere. It's an electric city powered by thousands of different, creative people and it offers infinite cultural possibilities. If u won't fall in love in Berlin like i did, don't miss your chance for a fling at least..