MARY – before 1000; Middle English Marie, Old English Maria < Late Latin < Greek < Hebrew Miryām Queen of George V of Great Britain and the mother of Edward VIII and George VI. A nick name for another homosexual. A prostitute. A lesbian. A muscly homosexual male, who obviously works out in a gym. A very beautiful girl both inside and out.

Bloody Mary is a cozy café located in Kreuzberg that opened on the first of the year and feels like an extension of your own living room.  Décor in the café comes from a variety of sources.  In the back, one of the walls is decorated with black birds that look like they are flying across it.  It’s a traditional decoration on the exteriors of buildings and houses in Portugal that reflects the tern population while attracting more of them.  The candelabras on every table come from churches in Portugal and the walls are also paneled with the wood from confessional boxes.   The loudspeakers were custom built by Berkhard Hering and through them a variety of retro music fills the café at just the right volume.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, there’s a library with an eclectic selection of magazines and books to choose from for your reading pleasure while you’re enjoying a drink or a snack at the café.  Patrons can also bring a book of their own to swap out for their favorite selection from the “Bloody Mary Library”.

Every month there’s a new art exhibit at the café.  Filipe curates the artwork, concerts and floh markts at Bloody Mary’s and is looking forward to expanding with more events in the future.

Bloody Mary’s offers a delectable assortment of beverages and snacks.  The fresh cake selection is home-made by Gaia Che and the scones are specially prepared in house by Darren.  You can also indulge in a Pastel de Natal, which is a Portuguese egg tart pastry made with a light, flaky dough.  The bagel selection changes, but the most popular are Salmon with cream cheese and cucumber, Pork, Apple sauce and salad and Goat cheese and roasted veggies.

In addition to the selection of food and desserts the café also offers freshly made smoothies with acai, guarana and a variety of other fruits.  They’re really healthy, full of antioxidants, refreshing and energizing.  There’s also a variety of Portuguese wines available, three reds and three whites, favorites of Darren and Filipe.  Each of the wines are from a different region and has a specific taste.

Bloody Mary’s are another house specialty.  Darren is expanding the menu to include 10 different types of the cocktail using red, green and yellow tomato juice and a variety of different spices.

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