It’s Sunday night again and it’s either the beginning or the end of week, depending on where you’re from.  But that’s neither here nor there, are you looking for a way to unwind after said week and probably even longer weekend?  Then look no further than Buzz Club, tucked away in Neukölln at Lugari.  Each week’s ever changing line-up promises something new and fresh.  Chris Glen and Tim Whelan host an entertaining evening of music, comedy and performance.


Your evening begins with Chris Glen introducing the Group Poem, in which your participation as an audience member is crucial.  Each person contributes a line to the poem and people can only see what the person immediately preceding them wrote.  Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the Group Poem is not just read, but accompanied by an interpretive dance.

Tim Whelan introduces us to the Group Song, which works like the Group Poem accept that the song is set to music that Tim improvises on the piano.  Once the evening’s line-up has come to a close, certainly you’ve worked up quite a thirst – so stick around and have another drink.  You can while awhile the hours chatting with your favorite performer from the evening or invite them to shoot a game of pool.

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