Cafe blume, a lovely café/restaurant/ bar. Settled on the corner of the enormous, beautiful Neukolln’s park Hasenheide.

Perfectly suitable for a lovers’ breakfast (after that take a walk in the Hasenheide park, squirrels and other animals will accompany you).
Everything is homemade, also the whole café was created by a group of friends who cooperated together. It’s the best place to relax with your charming kids (there is a little playground inside) and normally kids are coming on weekends, during the week you can peacefully sit with your laptop instead. Or your girlfriend.
Weekends are really busy so be prepared that it’s actually hard to get in, it’s all full with kids and their jolly parents, if you’re a parent too that’s fine but if you’re a journalist who needs peace and dreams about coffee, internet and silence stay away from Cafe Blume on Sunday.

Prices are very proper, the food is yummie (sandwiches, soups, breakfasts, cakes!), coffee is also decent. If you come after 12pm, you can  enjoy your lunch break with a glass of wine or any other sort of liquors (they offer  a pretty nice choice of it).

Any other day it’s a pure pleasure and comfort, i can’t wait for summer time when there are tables outside and you sit just next to Hasenheide.


Julia Duboski
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