The simplest, cheapest and most beautiful place in Berlin. It’s not a bar, nor a restaurant. It’s just a free space, covered with dead grass, bushes and trash (not so many of them actually) settled directly at the river. Next to it, there is an immense building covered with Blu’s graphics (Italian street artist, very hip). In summer there are people squatting here with their tents, self appointed djs are playing music with their portable mixers and Berliners are sipping beers with their legs hanging on the edge of the Spree or barbequing on the bonfire. There are also underground, alternative folk music festivals, or unofficial dj gigs.
It’s most beautiful in the evening, you can see the Warschauer Bridge lit in the night sky background and the other side of the river (Universal, Mtv buildings- all is magic in the dark). Or unforgettable view after a wild party in some of the local clubs  (Arena or Club der Visionnaire)- in summer at 7 am, come with your own drinks bought in a Späti or at the Gas Station and admire the blissful moment of sun rising. lay on the grass and let it brown your face a little..
Even if it rains yet it’s warm get a bit drunk,free yourself, dance in the rain,  cherish your great life in the best world of all worlds.

We do remind you though of the safety while consuming alcohol meanwhile playing with open water and fire..

Julia Duboski
Berlin should be my second name- i like my name too much, however,Berlin is the love of my life. If I leave it than only to have a love affair with another place, but I'll come back. From rock n roll dives to posh champagne bars , open airs, flea markets, bookstores, concept stores, caffes etc- i ve been (almost) everywhere. It's an electric city powered by thousands of different, creative people and it offers infinite cultural possibilities. If u won't fall in love in Berlin like i did, don't miss your chance for a fling at least..