Is a lovely little cake shop on Pannierstrasse in Kreuzberg.  If you were to close your eyes and walk along that street you could easily follow the delectable scent of freshly baked cakes directly to their front door.  Once you’re inside the shop, you’re immediately confronted with the very important yet difficult task of which cake to try.  Need a bit of help narrowing down your choices?  Simply ask about the cake selection you will be regaled with a really accurate description of each of the day’s offerings.

The display case is filled with a variety of different cakes and tortes and yummy deliciousness.  Luckily, I visited Koriat with two friends who like to share and so we all got to try three pieces instead of just the one that we chose for ourselves.  One of the slices was a chocolate cake filled with apricots; it was a perfect balance between the two flavors.  Another slice looked a bit like a flourless chocolate cake, thin and dense, it was rich and delicious, but not overwhelmingly so.  The third slice a chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate mousse, incredible.  I would be hard pressed to choose my favorite from the three – each slice was really delicious.

To paraphrase the proprieter the cakes come from a style of baking with influences from Egypt, Morocco and Argentina.  They use plain, fresh and taste-intensive ingredients that are employed generously, carefully and affectionately.  Koriat cake factory also provides cakes to cafes, restaurants and private customers.

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