Walking into Mercado San Cosme is like stepping into modern Mexico, its uniqueness stems from the concept of bringing a traditional yet contemporary Mexican market to Mitte. The vibrant traditions and folklore of the country inspired the interior design of the store, from the retail area in the front to the custom built Mezcal tasting room in the back.  Mercado, the Mexican word for market, is a combination of retail space and Mezcal tasting-room.  Mercado San Cosme, like the markets in Mexico offers a variety of items, everything from food and drink to accessories and housewares.

When a Mexican hears the word “Mercado”, he expects a place where he can find anything, including delicious food and drinks. Mercado San Cosme offers a selection of unique products from a very important group of young designers that work in different regions around Mexico.  The designers work with traditional materials and themes and bring a contemporary and unexpected twist to each of the items they craft.  For example, one of the designers created wooden bracelets based on the pestles used to grind the cocoa bean when making hot chocolate.  Another designer, working with ceramics offers contemporary decorative and functional items, such as vases, bowls and cups.  Additionally, the shelves contain glass jars of agave syrup, colorful green jalapeno and yellow habanero peppers, packages of chocolate and bottles of Mezcal.

In Berlin, it’s difficult to find the quality and variety of Mexican products offered at Mercado San Cosme.  Equally rare is the opportunity to taste a variety of high quality of Mezcals.  The tasting room introduces customers to the amazing flavors of a variety of Mezcals, including the store’s private brand, “Mezcal San Cosme. Outside of Mexico, the perception of the culture and Mezcal is pretty limited and unfortunately usually incorrect.  Changing the perceptions of their customers is something the guys at Mercado San Cosme consider rewarding.  Their aim is to get rid of stereotypes and introduce people to modern Mexican culture; vibrant, contemporary and forward thinking.

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