Elegant and brimming with character the bar of the Michelberger Hotel always manages to upkeep a welcoming and calm atmosphere, a characteristic due to it’s dual function as a bar-come-reception-lounge.

Built on the site of a former factory the place epitomizes industrial-chic, and is the true Berlin take on the luxury 5 star luxury hotel…

The quirky and imaginative interior design will immediately grab you eye, for everything oozes with charm:

…the lamp shades made from recycled magazine cuttings hung up above…the book cases, which stand instead of walls, crammed with second hand travel guides… the eclectic selection of cuckoo clocks waiting to greet you at the rear entrance…the framed doll-sized knitwear lining the staircases which will lead you down into the sleek bathrooms below – forever emitting softly sounding Motown music… and their exceptional, and regularly updating, chalk board “sketches”.

A grand piano sits at the front of the bar and frequently you can catch live music playing here in the early evening (normally jazz or blues), whilst tasteful disco-esque lights circulate round the room.

I’d recommend trying their in-house personalised schnapps, it is delicious and beautifully packaged (as you’d quickly come to expect after a couple of minutes here).

There is also free Wi-fi here!



Author at TrueBerlin.com at TrueBerlin.com
I moved to Berlin from London 1.5 yeas ago, and now with a range of jobs under my belt from art gallery assistant - blogger - au pair - call centre agent and having lived in 12 flat shares to date, for better or for worse I can not imagine leaving. When I first arrived here I found, as when experiencing most capital cities, that it took me awhile to locate something that resembled the "true" city, and to permeate through the touristic sheen... I'd love the opportunity to share what I have found through up-to-date and relevant tips, so that you can attempt to fast-track your integration into this vivacious and perpetually fluctuating city... and save time trolling through endless out-dated travel guides (like I did).