Pazzi per Pizza is a family project, a family concept – Antonio and Carmelo found the space together and built the pizzeria themselves; for them it’s a labor of love.   When they took over the space, it was completely empty, Antonio and Carmelo worked on everything together: the lights, chandeliers, tables, counters – they designed the interior and also chose two local artists to paint the murals.


When they were looking to open the pizzeria they considered different locations, but ultimately settled on Herrfurthstrassse because it’s the neighborhood where Antonio grew up.  Located close to the corner and not too far from Tempelhof, it’s an idea spot for a pizzeria, there are also a lot of students in the area.

Anotnio and Carmelo opened Pazzi per Pizza January 15, 2013.  One of the most important things for the gentlemen is the quality of the food.  They use the highest quality ingredients which are delivered fresh every morning.  Everything in the pizzeria is prepared daily.  The pizzas have just the right flavor and seasoning, it’s the best quality you can get for your money.

Naturally, all of the recipes are secret and come from Italy.  There are a variety of different olive oils that you can choose from to drizzle over your pizza and they all come from Sicily.  The margharita is Carmelo’s favorite.  Two of the pizzas they offer are traditionally from the south of Italy, one with eggplant, basil and parmesan and one with Sicilian sausage and turnip greens.  Pazzi per Pizza offers 12 different types of pizzas so there is something for everyone, vegetarian and carnivore alike.   At the end of each day, all of the pizzas have been sold out.

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