Piano Salon Christophori is first and foremost a workshop where pianos are repaired and restored.  The workshop/venue takes its name from Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori , the patron of piano lounges.  The workshop also doubles as a concert venue, where internationally renowned musicians perform in an incredibly intimate and beautiful environment.  When you walk into the piano salon, it feels like you are walking into another time and place.  A warm glow permeates the workshop and you are surrounded by pianos in their entirety as well as in bits and pieces.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting and quite special.

It’s possible to make reservations for a concert, but the reservations aren’t “held” in the traditional sense.  Reservations are more for the salon to gauge how many people are coming to a performance and whether or not the venue will be full.  It’s important to arrive a bit early and choose your seat as the room fills up quickly on a first come first serve basis. Chairs are spread throughout the workshop and there’s enough room for roughly 100-200 people.  Along one of the walls is a table where beverages are laid out; alcoholic and alcohol free.

When the concert begins the entire room is silent, completely enraptured by the music.  It’s rare to be in an environment where everyone is completely present in the moment; no cell phones went off, there weren’t any side conversations to distract you from the concert.  At the end of the concert, on your way out you are asked to make a donation for your “ticket”, the recommended amount ranges from about from $10-20.

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