Restaurant & Cafe Arema is situated just outside of the Birkenstr. Ubahn station and it is one of my favorite places in the Berlin Moabit area. The restaurant offers a spacious dinning area, a fully stocked bar and a truly local atmosphere. The best Spätzle. Ravioli, Nuremberg sausages, roasted chicken, schnitzels, and gourmet steaks comprise the main dish menu and the prices range between 7-15 euro. They offer daily specials so don’t forget to ask for those.

Their regular tomato soup is fantastic, but there is also a changing soup of the day that won’t disappoint either. A rich choice of salads is also available (meaty garnishes are an option as well) and for the light snackers there are cold appetizer plates. The portions are relatively big and all soups, salads and cold dishes are served with a fresh baguette.

For the early risers a breakfast priced between 2-9 euro is served until 16:00 o’clock. The so called second breakfast is for the ones who like to sleep in late and it’s served until 18:00 o’clock. There is a variety of omelets and scrambled eggs, with the build-your-own alternative. All scrambled eggs and omelets are served with salad, French bread and butter and they vary between 3-6 euro. If you are looking for a fresh and nutritious breakfast Restaurant in Berlin,  Arema has come up with the so called fit breakfast and one can enjoy natural yogurt, fresh fruit and vanilla quark.

The bar at Arena serves beers, wines, cocktails and delicious coffee drinks. The inviting and relaxed ambience attracts not only the ever returning locals, but also tourists from the nearby hotel.

Hello Berlin explorers, I am Tia (short for Teodora, 28) and I am very excited to share my unique and local experience of this amazing city. I've lived all over the German capital and I am a big fan of each and every borough. I hope, through my reviews, you will get to experience the true Berlin and become a fan as well.