The newly opened PIANO BÄR or PIANO BAER is the diner version and in a way an extension of The California Breakfast Slam, a popular american style breakfast brunch taking place in the neighborhood of Neukölln. In comparison to The California Breakfast Slam, PIANO BÄR is owned by the same people, it happens at the same location, but at a different time – Lagari ,Pflügerstrasse 19, opening at 6pm, from Thursday to Saturday. The interior is inviting, dark and a simple. The piano bar can be reserved for both special guests and eager customers willing to play and entertain, including karaoke and/or classical pieces mixed with hip hop sounds.

 The opening night offered  a range of delicious salads, surf and turf, a burger served on a home-made bun, a delightful gnocchi dish and an Asian style chicken with risotto and glazed carrots. However, the main courses will be changing on a weekly basis and they will incorporate international meals made in a PIANO BÄR’s style.  The average price of the dishes are 8.50 euros, with the most expensive dish being only 14 euros.

The crowd is younger, local and artistic and almost everybody speaks English. The drink list is comprised of sodas, coffee drinks, beers, wines and serious cocktails ranging between 2-7 euros. For the wine lovers there is a cool little discount when you get more than one glass of wine, but less than a bottle.

An adequate advice for having a great experience at  PIANO BÄR is be patient. If you your food order is a little delayed, just get another glass of wine and enjoy the music.

Hello Berlin explorers, I am Tia (short for Teodora, 28) and I am very excited to share my unique and local experience of this amazing city. I've lived all over the German capital and I am a big fan of each and every borough. I hope, through my reviews, you will get to experience the true Berlin and become a fan as well.