SenfSalon Kreuzberg is a senf (mustard) heaven. Literary! The mustard is hand made with only the finest and most natural products there are. The store  is underground, spacious  venue which displays all kinds of different mustards. One can find it all-from the original Berliner mustard, to many exotic flavors such as Arabic, Mexican, Indian and lots of fresh tastes like Honey mustard, Dill and Italian herbs. Their specialty is he fruit flavored mustard-pear, mango, cassis, apple, melon and many more. There is literary a mustard flavor for any type of food-for salads, fish, meat and tofu. It is a super selection of unusual mustard flavors.

Of course, the price cannot be compared with the mustard you find in tubes in the supermarkets. For a small glass of 105 ml/approx. 100g content costs 2.50 EUR. So I guess, it could be considered as a one time treat; or may be an occasional treat.

The owners are super nice and they let you try it all. There are other organic/bio products like sauces, chutneys, marmalades,

My personal favorite is the chili flavor! Its de-li-ci-ous!!! All in all is a really nice place to get something different through an all tasting experience.

The shop is conveniently located in the vicinities of many restaurants, vintage second hand shops and brand stores.

You can also order your mustard flavor online! They also ship internationally.


Hello Berlin explorers, I am Tia (short for Teodora, 28) and I am very excited to share my unique and local experience of this amazing city. I've lived all over the German capital and I am a big fan of each and every borough. I hope, through my reviews, you will get to experience the true Berlin and become a fan as well.