A self proclaimed “alternative showroom in public space, a vitrine on Oranienstrasse”, SOX demonstrates an innovative approach to intermingling art with the “every-day”. For, not immediately distinguishable as an art-space, one could momentarily mistake it for an elaborate window display -given it’s location on Oranienstrasse: lined with kiosks, cafés, gig-venues, shops and and nestled as it is between 2 commercial window displays, .

Facing a diverse and often unaware 24 hour audience, this unimposing non-profit, “contribution” from the art world, exists unmanned – with no personnel poised ready to “explain” it’s worth or intent.

However, despite it’s subtly, the exhibitions have a remarkable way of modulating and impacting the rhythm of the “walked” city, or else employing aesthetics which will eventually catch your eye and draw you in: reflective materials, light instalments, kinetics, interactive features – to name a few.

SOX hosts a diverse programme of young contemporary artists (with exhibits changing every 6-7 weeks).




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I moved to Berlin from London 1.5 yeas ago, and now with a range of jobs under my belt from art gallery assistant - blogger - au pair - call centre agent and having lived in 12 flat shares to date, for better or for worse I can not imagine leaving. When I first arrived here I found, as when experiencing most capital cities, that it took me awhile to locate something that resembled the "true" city, and to permeate through the touristic sheen... I'd love the opportunity to share what I have found through up-to-date and relevant tips, so that you can attempt to fast-track your integration into this vivacious and perpetually fluctuating city... and save time trolling through endless out-dated travel guides (like I did).