Built in 1907, of Prussian design, Stattbad Wedding the former Stadtbad (“statt” = instead of) now exists as an interdisciplinary cultural complex. This “recycled” space, now awarded a new function, makes for an exciting and unparalleled venue to enjoy partying, culture, art and doubtlessly justifies the journey up to Wedding.

The building underwent extensive reparations after the damages suffered during WW2, however most of the original features remain, adding to a truly industrial feel. Today the complex is comprised of multiple levels, with maze like tunnels and narrow staircases linking the rooms together. Pipes line the boiler room basement, leading and misleading you around the space. The venue hosts regular urban art exhibitions and fairs so make sure to look out for the, frequently updating, graffiti works that line the walls of the locker rooms and shower cubicles.

As for the parties… dancing in former swimming pool is a peculiar sensation and one that takes getting used to…with the DJs positioned in the deep-end you gradually find yourself migrating, sometimes against your own will, to the front. Regardless: lowering yourself down into a dance floor, via the ladders positioned at the shallow end, and seeing diving boards up head is a truly unique experience and one that should not be missed!

Look out for the annual analogue film festival “Diffraktion” hosted by Stattbad.




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I moved to Berlin from London 1.5 yeas ago, and now with a range of jobs under my belt from art gallery assistant - blogger - au pair - call centre agent and having lived in 12 flat shares to date, for better or for worse I can not imagine leaving. When I first arrived here I found, as when experiencing most capital cities, that it took me awhile to locate something that resembled the "true" city, and to permeate through the touristic sheen... I'd love the opportunity to share what I have found through up-to-date and relevant tips, so that you can attempt to fast-track your integration into this vivacious and perpetually fluctuating city... and save time trolling through endless out-dated travel guides (like I did).