The Fish Bowl, fresh comedy fortnightly at Naherholung Sternchen.  If you haven’t been you’re missing out and if you have already been, why haven’t you come back?  Don’t you love us?  Didn’t we treat you right?  And besides, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

Neil Numb, who does comedy in something resembling English, is your host for each episode; helping you navigate the ever changing but always stellar line-up of international comedians.

Mf David Deery waxes nostalgic about the “good old days” of the dial-up internet connection; when life was simpler because you could only operate one piece of technology at a time.  However, David is not one to shirk current affairs, questioning the “genius” of using animal tranquilizers as club drugs.

Listening to Johnny Armstrong’s set is to catch a glimpse inside the labyrinth of his mind.  By the end of his set you’re mentally out of breath from trying to keep up as you zig-zag your way down the rabbit hole.

Summer Banks offers a glimpse of German bureaucracy at it’s best, particularly when your name is only one letter different from that of a porn star’s.  Always wondered about comedy and opera?  Well, it’s true – everything is funnier as an opera…

Paul Salamone
 gets straight to the heart of what really brings us all together, the ability to poke fun at others.  No one is safe from the acerbic and insightful truths that allow us to laugh at ourselves.

Amelia Jane Hunter spits fire as she turns life on its ear with the wisdom that can only come from life in Darwin.  Taking no prisoners and offering no apologies, she poses the question ‘Why have a diluted relationship when you can have a concentrated evening?’

Caroline Clifford
 weaves her way through the minefield of honesty in interpersonal relationships.  She also introduces us to her hypothetical pet Lucy while sharing her concerns that are part and parcel of responsible pet ownership.

Never miss another opportunity to hear some of the best English-speaking comedians in Berlin. Come to the Fish Bowl English Language Comedy Showcase episode 21 on June 13th.

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