The Zone Berlin is neither a bar, nor an art venue. It is rather a strong combination of both, spiced up with an eastern European flavor, due to the Bulgarian origin of the owners. It is a place for all sorts of art and entertainment-concerts, theme party nights, movies, exhibitions.

Moreover, the Zone is a part of one of the coolest boroughs of Berlin-Neukölln. Both the neighborhood and the venue, proudly represent the newly developed trendy subculture – young, poor, creative and sexy. It is a place where you can meet locals from all cultures and backgrounds, and it’s probably the place to  experience authentic Bulgarian art.

From time to time, there will be an Easter European folk party (and those are not a miss), or a projection of a classic Bulgarian movie (definitely not a miss). The live concerts, performed in the basement room,  vary from soul, jazz and blues, to Brazilian rhythms and electronic music. The movies they show are documentaries and classics from all over the world.  Beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks  are  served at the cute, little  bar and depending on the night you choose to go, you might get to try some Bulgarian food.

The atmosphere is creative, underground, and deep; and many artist choose to exhibit their projects and work there. The Zone Berlin is considered to be a place of and for inspiration and if you want to get a real taste of the Berlin’s art scene, the Zone would be a great place to visit.

Hello Berlin explorers, I am Tia (short for Teodora, 28) and I am very excited to share my unique and local experience of this amazing city. I've lived all over the German capital and I am a big fan of each and every borough. I hope, through my reviews, you will get to experience the true Berlin and become a fan as well.