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SenfSalon Kreuzberg

SenfSalon Kreuzberg is a senf (mustard) heaven. Literary! The mustard is hand made with only the finest and most natural […]

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Cafe Bar Bierhimmel

Beer heaven- that’s the german name of this pleasant place in Kreuzberg’s Oranienstrasse. However,  first of all i’d call it […]

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Bar Mysliwska

Mysliwska was one of my first favorite bars in Kreuzberg as i first came to Berlin. It was grounded in 80’s by […]

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Voo Store

Kreuzberg. Hipster. Fashion. Alternative. These are just a few first words that are certainly immediataely linked with this place when […]

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Koriat Cake Factory

Is a lovely little cake shop on Pannierstrasse in Kreuzberg.  If you were to close your eyes and walk along […]

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Bloody Mary Cafe

MARY – before 1000; Middle English Marie, Old English Maria < Late Latin < Greek < Hebrew Miryām Queen of […]

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Restaurant and Kitchen Supply Coledampf’s

  Kreuzberg is not just a hipster,  underground party district, there are also chic and neat places. Coledampf amazes you […]

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Coffee Shop KaffeeBar

Looking for a good cup of coffee? Well, look no further! Spacious, comfortable and cute, coffee shop KaffeeBar offers not […]

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Restaurant Santa Maria

Restaurant Santa Maria, a mexican restaurant, just around the corner  from the busy KOTTI, It’s simple and good. Always crowded and  […]

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A self proclaimed “alternative showroom in public space, a vitrine on Oranienstrasse”, SOX demonstrates an innovative approach to intermingling art […]

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Bar Luzia

I could only compare it to NEUE ODESSA BAR  in Mitte, but luzia is in Kreuzberg, so you’re not expecting […]

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